Dr. Lingaraju G M's tenure at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT) as a Professor of Information Science & Engineering Department was marked by numerous initiatives and accomplishments in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Here is a summary of his notable contributions:

  1. Designed and developed an innovative M. Tech course: Dr. Lingaraju G M successfully created a specialized M. Tech course in Computer Graphics & Visualization, which received approval from VTU (2013), Belgaum. This course showcased his expertise and commitment to offering cutting-edge education.
  2. 2. Headed Entrepreneurship Development department & Centre for Advanced Training & Continuous Education (CATCE): From 2012 to 2018, Dr. Lingaraju G M served as the section head for these departments. This role allowed him to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among students and provide advanced training opportunities. 3. Initiated IdeaRise and secured funding for student startup: Dr. Lingaraju G M's unique initiative, IdeaRise, resulted in securing funding for a student startup from a venture capitalist firm. This demonstrates his ability to support and encourage entrepreneurial ventures. 4. Established a new dimension for Project Exhibition (Pradarshana): Dr. Lingaraju G M revamped the Project Exhibition to attract investors from various industries and garner media coverage. This initiative aimed to showcase the innovative projects of students and improve public perception of the institution. 5. Proposal for multidisciplinary collaboration: Dr. Lingaraju G M submitted a comprehensive proposal to the management to bring together medical and engineering fields for collaborative product development. This led to the establishment of Ramaiah Evolute, a section 8 company acting as a forum for students' innovation and startups. 6. AICTE Grants and research contributions: Dr. Lingaraju G M received AICTE Grants under the Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) to develop "Thought Interpreter" using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). This project highlights his commitment to cutting-edge research in his field. 7. Faculty development and training programs: Dr. Lingaraju G M coordinated the VTU-VGST Faculty Development Programme on "Cognitive Science and Brain-Computer Interface Technology" held at MSRIT. Additionally, he organized a two-week Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship Development program sponsored by DST-NIMAT, focusing on leadership and techno-entrepreneurship. 8. Expertise in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: Dr. Lingaraju G M designed and delivered a course on Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, showcasing his proficiency in emerging technologies. 9. Leadership Development Programs: Dr. Lingaraju G M conducted several Leadership Development Programs for both faculty and students at MSRIT, emphasizing his commitment to nurturing leadership qualities among the academic community. 10. Published many journal publications and guided PhD students and MSc(Egg) by Research students, along with B.E., & M.Tech (CSE) students.

Dr. Lingaraju G M's exemplary team-building, leadership qualities, teaching abilities, and research contributions make him an asset to any academic or administrative position. The management of Ashoka Group of Institutions welcome him as Executive Director of Ashoka Group of Institutions for the transformation of entire conventional culture of education.