A great visionary late Sri. K.B. Chikkamuniyappa, a philanthropist, established KBC Trust in 1992. A Visionary, Philanthropist and Founder of KBC Trust committed to providing quality education with the best Infrastructure for every student.

In a glorious journey of thirty years, the Trust has established various educational institutions under the aegis of the Ashok Group of Institutions, which offers a variety of courses in School, Pre-University, Polytechnic, and Industrial Training. The Trust also offers various services for the benefit of mankind and works with a mission to develop competency and employability among students to face the ever-evolving changes in the Society and Business world.

ASHOK GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is located in North Bengaluru and is among the top ten Institutions in North Bengaluru.

AGI is committed in "Opening doors to exciting learning, a wider world, and a fulfilled future"

From a humble beginning ASHOK GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS has blossomed into a fast growing chain of educational institutions. K.B.C. Trust ® was established in 1992 by a great visionary late Sri.K.B.Chikkamuniyappa. The Trust has been catering to the educational needs of both urban and rural students. Starting from primary education to university education ASHOK GROUP has been rendering services in the fields of general, technical and medical education.

Our Board members are:

  • Sri. K.C Ashok, Chairman, Ashok Group of Institutions
  • Smt. V. Devika, Secretary, Ashok Group of Institutions
  • Mr. Roshan Ashok, Director, Ashok Group of Institutions

Our Mission

Learning and Teaching is the core purpose at AGI. We are committed to raising the aspirations and achievements of our children and young people through:

  • Outstanding leadership at all levels
  • Inspiring learning and support for all pupils and passionate professionals
  • Instilling a sense of challenge enjoyment and passion for learning
  • To Strive for excellence in all our endeavors.
  • All children will be supported and encouraged to lead healthy and active lives; making sensible choices whilst respecting the views and attitudes of others

Our Vision

To create a center of academic excellence in the field of education with the purpose of enabling them to be successful, complete citizens of the future through our holistic nurturing system.

AGI Gold Standard of Education Includes

  • High aspirations and expectations for all pupils and passionate
  • professionals
  • Outstanding leadership at all levels
  • Working closely in partnership with parents
  • A focus on high quality teaching and learning
  • A commitment to self-review and continuous improvement


The vital aim of AGI is to create self-reliant broad-minded and world-class citizens suffused with everlasting pious moral values who not only carry out their duties confidently but are also ever committed to participating wholeheartedly in every task of the nation’s progress. The school is focused on catering to the educational needs of both urban and rural students through a harmonious blend of modern technology and vocational education.

Free Medical & Surgical Camp – KBC TRUST (R)

In the memory of Sri.K.B.Chikkamuniyappa Founder of K.B.C.Trust(R), free medical and surgical camps are set up with a sacred aim to bring awareness among the deprived population of the country who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from. So, medical camps provide free medical advice, medicine to the unfortunate people and refer for specialized treatment or surgery whenever it is required. These camps make sure people are getting the healthcare at the right time, and seeing the doctor early enough before a small health problem turns serious.

Importance of medical camp:

Medical camps are conducted by health professionals to carry out a limited health intervention amongst the underprivileged community. The poor attend these camps to get free check-up and treatment. Getting the appropriate kind of health checkup is vital for every human being and while considering it, some important factors like age, lifestyle, family background, and risks are taken into account.

Health examinations and tests at the early stages of the illness can help to cure it faster and save a life before it can cause any damage. One can live longer and healthier only when the individual gets the right kind of health check-up, screening, and treatments. Even the most basic checkups can identify underlying illnesses.